Featured open and closed source personal projects.

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After Dark screenshots

After Dark

After Dark is free and open source software you can use to create a website, blog or app. Unparalleled speed, secure design and privacy focus allows you to monetize attention to earn low-maintenance income.

Hugo / HTML / JS / CSS / Bash

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Lumpen Radio app screenshot

Lumpen Radio App

Download it on the App Store.

iOS app built using React Native. One of the first RN apps in the App Store. Selected for the React Native Showcase. Includes full slide deck and O’Reilly webcast covering app construction.

React Native / Babel / Webpack / Xcode

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Chicago Gang History website screenshot

Chicago Gang History

Redeveloped a 200+ page WordPress site to breath life into the content, improve UX, speed and search visibility. Made it profitable within 2 months. Original port to Jekyll created in 6 days. Moved to back WordPress and hosted on Pantheon once the redesign was complete.

WordPress / Pantheon / Route 53 / CloudFront

Visit Site website screenshot

Security7 Networks

Custom Jekyll site built from design comps and integrated with Siteleaf. Completed in 80 billable hours.

Jekyll / Sass / JavaScript

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Self-hosted git server using a hand-rolled Gitea container which is ultra fast and runs on a $5/mo. VPS using ~42MB RAM. This is where I started moving my FLOSS code after Microsoft purchased GitHub. Because [reasons].

Docker / Traefik / Gitea / Postgres / Mailgun

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React Native Webpack Starter Kit logo

React Native Webpack Starter Kit

iOS and Android development toolkit I created for building native apps with JavaScript. The kit has earned over 800 stars on GitHub and has helped shape the way React Native apps are built today.

React Native / Babel / Webpack / Travis-CI / GreenKeeper

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12 Roads prototype screenshot

12 Roads

An open source photo browsing React prototype created to test a new Awesome React Boilerplate. Emphasis on experience, best practices and scalability. Spiked in 16 hours.

React / Babel / Webpack / Material UI / Node.js

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Lumpen Radio Web screenshot

Lumpen Radio Web 2.0

SEO-friendly and seriously fast React application for the Web. Features data-driven programming schedule, show listings, news feed, event schedule and blog. Pages load in less than half a second.

React / Flux / Babel / Webpack / Firebase

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