Isomorphic Rendering with React

The way single-page web apps were intended to be built.

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In this talk I discuss the evolution of the Web from the emergence of single-page applications to the speed and SEO benefits of progressive enhancement using server-side pre-rendering – something I'd been discussing in my blog.

Screaming Fast WordPress Sites

How to use a $5 Vultr box to support 7000 concurrent WordPress users.

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In this talk, the accomplishments of which have been summarized on Hackernoon, I discuss how to use a $5/mo Vultr box fitted with Redis cache and Fetch Inject to scale WordPress up to 7000 concurrent users.

Streaming Audio with React Native

Deconstructing a React Native iOS app for streaming audio.

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This talk deconstructs some of the technical aspects and challenges faced while building Lumpen Radio, an open source streaming audio app for iOS built using the earliest versions of React Native released in 2015.

Talk also available as a free Webcast courtesy of O'Reilly Media.

Simple websites with Jekyll and Docker

Hosting static websites under Docker with Digital Ocean.

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This lightning talk summarizes the primary steps needed to quickly start and host a Jekyll website on Digital Ocean backed by an Nginx server running under Docker.

Check out the related post for more detailed instructions on getting started.

Exim for React

Single-dependency HTML5 architecture built on React.

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In this talk I introduce Paul Miller's Exim (React + Flux) architecture and demonstrate how to use it to build a simple chat app.

View the application source used for the presentation demo.

Typeahead with Bloodhound

Creating an autocomplete experience using a remote API.

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In this talk I show how to leverage a remote API on a mobile device to filter and display search results, suggest popular items and help users find items with unusual spelling.

Brunch with Chaplin

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In this talk I introduce an application seed called Brunch with Chaplin and a mobile search application I built using it. Includes tips for using app alongside Nginx with Google PageSpeed mod.

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Two-way data binding with Rivets

Reactive programming with Backbone.

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In this talk I demonstrate how to create a Backbone app with two-way data binding between models and views, for instant update and synchronous application state.

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