Beta Testing React Native with Buddybuild

2 minute read Published

First impressions of Buddybuild for React Native development.

A year ago I built and open-sourced Lumpen Radio for iOS using React Native. A major takeaway during development was the importance of testing on actual devices. Not just my device. But, you know, like a responsible adult using a bunch of them.

At the time I was finishing development of the iOS app, Android support in RN was just getting its roots. I decided to let Android support bake a while longer, coordinated small group of people, beta tested with TestFlight and released to the App Store with confidence.

20 releases of React Native have passed since then and there have been great innovations like CodePush ( archive) and Lock, and many Awesome Boilerplates have continued to surface with increasing speed.

Given all the advancements, and after recent inspiration to create an Android version of Lumpen Radio, I decided it was time to go cross-platform.

Emulating IE with VirtualBox

2 minute read Published

How to emulate old versions of Internet Explorer for cross-browser testing.

Earlier today, while looking for a new solution to an older IE compatibility issue, I chanced across this nifty script for testing IE on macOS using virtual machines and VirtualBox: xdissent.github.com/ievms.