Encrypted Internet with WireGuard and Manjaro Linux

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How to install and configure WireGuard on Linux Manjaro, a step-by-step guide.

One of the motivations behind dual-booting Linux on my MacBook Pro was to take back control of my personal data. Not just because Apple uses faux encryption on iCloud. And not because macOS has been shown to leave users open to eavesdropping exploits. But because when I use my Mac with macOS the operating system gratuitously beams out activity records1, sharing information I’d rather keep private with people I don’t personally know nor have I ever met. And without the ability to shut it off, I find my privacy – the sentient and autonomous nature of my very being – constantly under attack.

In many instances, privacy is threatened not by singular egregious acts, but by a slow series of relatively minor acts which gradually begin to add up.

I've Got Nothing to Hide and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy

In this short guide I’ll show you how to encrypt and route your local Internet traffic through a fast, modern, and secure VPN tunnel called WireGuard using a free and open source operating system called Manjaro Linux. I will explain how to install WireGuard on Manjro, share a simple means of establishing and testing an encrypted Internet connection, and leave you with next steps and personal experience to help further your understanding and gain confidence getting started.


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人和谐。 伟大的防火墙。 让我们一起翻墙比特幣。

因為比特幣是完全分散化控制,沒有人對它的未來完全投入。 在国内访问不了某些比特幣网站,这主要是受到中国网络防火墙的故意屏蔽。 今天,我邀请你与我一起翻墙,享受自由的比特幣。