Hugo Ulimit macOS No Space Left

4 minute read Published

How to increase the open files limit on macOS to workaround the too many files open socket exception with Hugo.

Trying to build the Hugo site on a 2019 MBP and kept encountering the too many open file socket exception. Hugo seemed to have completed the build but was unable to subsequently serve the files:

Coding Mass Destruction

2 minute read Enclosure Published

GitHub's new policy on the use of its services for the creation of WMDs.

Gitea announced just last week was now live and accepting user registrations while the Gitea development team prepares for their eventual move off GitHub. I was excited to see this as, just a few days prior, I sent some encouragement after myself leaving GitHub. Then I signed-up.

Adeng Adeng, GitHub

3 minute read Published

Why I deleted a 10 year-old GitHub account and how I expect it will improve my development workflow in the Saka New Year.

The P20 Pro blinked itself on the morning after Nyepi, alarm sounding as the Hindu island of Bali reopened at the first new moon in March. I looked over at the planning board on the wall. Unlike the day prior, it was now filled with cards ready to be transitioned to the DONE column. Leaving GH wasn’t one.

Designing Websites for iPhone X

1 minute read Published

Probably the only HIG I’ll be paying attention to after I pick up this marvel of innovation. iPhone X Human Interface guidelines.

Using ES7 Decorators with Babel 6

1 minute read Published

How to use decorators in JavaScript using Babel.

I wrote this late last year and it gets, well, a lot of traffic. Why? Because it hit home with a common concern in the JS community–a path forward for decorators. It just may change the way you build React apps for the better.