Managing Passwords on Android

2 minute read Updated

How to secure your passwords and keep them synced between devices.

After hacking Android onto an HD2 previously running Windows Mobile I quickly became challenged with the task of recalling passwords for frequently used apps – apps like Telegram, ProtonMail, Binance, Snapchat you name it.

And although long-term password management may feel like a burdensome task to some a steadfast approach is critical for security and relatively painless for anyone who’s been using a KeePass port the last decade.

Running Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC HD2

2 minute read Published

The HD2 proves yet again to have been a great purchase. Just as soon as Android evolved to version 4.0 with ICS so too did ICS AOSP Hit the HD2. Continue reading to learn how to direct-boot Ice Cream Sandwich using Nandroid on the HTC HD2.

Mobile Emulators & Simulators: The Ultimate Guide

1 minute read Published

Developing for mobile? You’re gonna need an emulator. Here’s a list of emulators and simulators that can be used to test your mobile webapps.

Direct Boot Gingerbread on the HD2

3 minute read Published

Since the release of a direct-boot utility for the HD2 there has been a flurry of activity on the XDA forums to get Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) working on the HTC HD2 smartphone. I recently switched from dual-booting Android and WinMo to a Gingerbread direct boot method and am pleased with the improvement in boot speed and battery life. But as with the dual-boot method, there are still a few hiccups here and there. Read on to learn how to replace WinMo with a Nandroid version of Android Gingerbread on the HTC HD2.

Making Free VOIP Calls on Android Froyo

2 minute read Published

During two recent trips to Central and South America I needed a way to call back to the States without spending a lot of money. After a little research I found a competitive rate: free. Using an Android-powered smartphone it’s possible to make and receive calls free of charge from any Wi-Fi hotspot worldwide. In this post I’ll explain how to do this for US-based mobile devices.

Using an Android-powered smartphone it’s possible to make and receive calls free of charge from any Wi-Fi hotspot worldwide.

Running Android on the HTC HD2

3 minute read Published

After spending a few weeks on the HD2 Android Development forums at XDA I learned how to coerce my T-Mobile HTC HD2 into dual-booting Android and WinMo. As of today I’ve got Android Froyo running with few issues and reasonable battery life. In this post I’ll explain how how you can dual-boot Android and WinMo on your HD2 as well.