Security7 Networks

Custom Jekyll site built from design comps and integrated with Siteleaf. Completed in 80 billable hours.

Jekyll / Sass / JavaScript

Launched April 11, 2017. The CTO of Security7 Networks reached out with design comps in hand and we whipped ‘em up a brand spankin’ new Jekyll marketing site and integrated it with Siteleaf, HubSpot and Google Maps API in a few weeks.

Check out the Security7 Blog for a cheeky take on information security news and have updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Chicago Gang History

Jekyll migration to WordPress, site redesign, premium hosting, real-time performance monitoring, relational database, custom newsletter, media contact form.

WordPress / Pantheon / Route 53 / CloudFront

After 7-8 months the Jekyll version of Chicago Gang History we started seeing some scaling issues with media assets on CloudCannon. Rather than hacking it we instead worked with CGH to perform a complete site redesign, leveraging existing ad revenue to migrate them to WordPress self-hosting.

Lovarindo Rentals

Jekyll website, Ruby plug-in development, admin dashboard, version control.

User friendly website and administrative portal for small rentals and tour company. Origin of the Jekyll Money gem. Allows staff to add and edit products, services, prices and promotions from an intuitive online dashboard.

Chicago Gang History

Hosted site migration to Jekyll, AdSense, SES email forwarding, contact form, newsletter, vanity domain, hosting

After 6 months working with to create a site themselves, the author of Chicago Gang History wasn’t seeing the kind of traffic they’d hoped for despite all their hard work. In fact, before I found them, Chicago Gang History had had less than 1,000 total visitors—after six months!

Upon examining their content I found a treasure trove of niche content which simply needed a little love. Confident I could improve their online presence I made Chicago Gang History an offer they couldn’t refuse.