Unlimited Free International Calls to the United States

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How to get Google Voice and make free phone calls to the US from anywhere.

Back in 2011 I explained how I was able to make unlimited free international calls to the USA while traveling abroad. That was back when Android was on version 2.2. Since then a lot has changed. But one thing that has remained constant is the use of Google Voice to get free stuff.

In this post I will explain how anyone, anywhere in the world, can use Google Voice to make unlimited free international calls to the United States of America. To sweeten the deal the approach I’m going to show you will not require you to have a SIM card (you can live without one) or an existing Google account either. So let’s get right down to it.


These things are required for this technique to work.

  • And Android phone running a recent version of Android OS.
  • Aurora Store PlayStore client from AuroraOSS.
  • A friend in the US with access to a landline or cellphone.


These may not be required but they will make you appear less obvious and therefore should increase your chances of success. I used all of these when I set-up my new Voice account. But you can try this without them.


The process is broken down into two parts:

  • In part one you coordinate with a friend in the US to create a new Google account, hook it up to Google Voice and make a test phone call from their browser using voice.google.com to make sure it works.

  • In part two you will download and install Google Voice using Aurora Store and associate your new Google account to Google Voice and your Android device.

Part One

Send your friend in the United States the following information so they know how to create your new Google account so you can use Google Voice:

  • Name: Edward Snowden
  • DOB: 06/21/1983
  • Email address: [Google Provided]
  • Sex: Male
  • Phone number: +420 379 313 262
  • Password: W8TdPsVbjHCu

Replace the phone number with one you control so you can send your friend the SMS when it arrives. Use a real SIM or a cloud SIM from Crypton (link above).

If you decide to create an pseudonymous account, you’ll find the BitWarden app is great at helping you keeping track of those. I ended up just using my own information since I didn’t have a Google account any longer. Your choice.

Tell your friend to access voice.google.com from a web browser after that (just not Safari as it won’t work), connect a telephone number not associated with another Voice account and test things out by dialing up a US number so it rings. When they’re done thank them for their time and move onto Part Two alone.

Part Two

Install Aurora Store PlayStore client (link above) on your Android device. From within the app choose to logon to Google anonymously and change the store location to Washington, DC from the Settings menu within the app. From there use the Aurora Store app to search for, download and install the Google Voice app.

Tip: Before opening Google Voice for the first time enable Private Location and move your location to the US and set your WireGuard with a US server. This may not be required but it’s what I did when creating my Voice account.

Next open Voice and choose to add your new Google account from within the app. Do not associate Voice with any existing accounts otherwise it’ll begin to error and you’ll need to reinstall it before you can try again. While you’re associating the new account your US friend created you will want to:

  • (1) Validate you have control of the phone number associated with the account.
  • (2) Press Skip on the Add a phone number? screen to avoid future validations.

When Voice eventually prompts you to ask for device permissions choose to:

  • Allow Voice to make and manage phone calls.
  • Allow Voice to access the microphone.
  • Deny access to your contacts.

When Voice eventually asks you a second time to access your contacts you will have the option to deny the app access permanently.

At this point you should see a call history showing the number your friend from the US dialed. Go ahead and call it again and wait for a ringtone to know if you’ve succeeded. If you like, you can even call the same number your friend associated with Voice when they set it up for you.

Now you can enjoy unlimited free international calls to the United States. If you found this post helpful, please share it with others so they can take advantage of free international calls to the US as well.

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