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Surf the Web more privately on Vivaldi browser for Android.

For the last three years I have been living in a predominantly Muslim country where pornography is censored. And I’m not just talking the obvious sites like PornHub. Reddit and Vimeo – both of which contain porn – are also censored.

If not being able to access any of the above websites seems unfree to you consider the fact you too are are being censored on a daily basis. The censorship most of you experience just isn’t as obvious because you’ve grown accustomed to paywalls, cookie disclaimers and the occasional reCAPTCHA.

It’s high time you stepped outside your comfort zone and started exploring the true depths of the Web. And here I’m going to make it easy for you by showing you how to access Onion and I2P sites directly from Vivaldi Beta Android – no configuration required.

As a bonus, the setup I’m going to show you will both improve your privacy and help reduce the number of targeted advertisements you see online. And it doesn’t cost a dime. Sound good? I sure hope so.

Step 1: Install InviZible Pro Creates an internal VPN (or proxy) allowing you to easily encrypt your Internet connection free.
Step 2: Access DuckDuckGo Onion Site Access a familiar Search Engine on the Dark Web, customized for privacy and to reduce censorship.

Once you’ve installed InviZible Pro from either Google Play, Aurora Store or after activating (and syncing) the IzzyDroid repo on Aurora Droid app open it up and activate DNSCrypt and Tor. Run InviZible in VPN mode for easy operation. No rooting or special knowledge required. It just works.

Once DNSCrypt is running with Tor your IP will be obfuscated and domain name queries to sites like Vimeo and Reddit safeTM from prying eyes. At which point you can open Viviali Beta Android and simply pull up DuckDuckGo from the Onion link provided below the scroll in the page linked from Step 2.

With DuckDuckGo up you may search the Web in the most private of ways – with pseudononymity. And don’t feel the least bit guilty doing so. Because it’s not about having nothing to hide. It’s about choosing what you want to reveal.

Bonus: Spoof your device location and make your phone appear anywhere in the world using Private Location. Works great for dating apps like OKCupid.

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