Movies On The Cheap with VUDU

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Turn bargain DVDs into high-def digital streams with Disc to Digital.

VUDU users now have the ability to upgrade their existing DVDs to HDX for $5 and stream them right at home. But I wanted to unpack this statement a little for those not on the Twitters and those who have not used VUDU or UltraViolet before. This information will be most useful to value-conscious consumers who already have DVD collections and are in the process of or have already purchased high-definition Internet TVs for their homes.

The value proposition

Individuals can start converting their existing DVD disc collections to 1080p HDX high-defintion digital format for a nominal fee, and stream the converted movies to their televisions and other devices using an internet connection. The current cost for conversion for DVDs is $2 per movie or $5 for a 1080p upgrade, and $2 for Blu-ray to HDX.

Moving to digital streaming unlocks some long-awaited advantages for thrifty cinephiles, including:

  • Ability to own 1080p HDX movies without spending a lot of extra money.
  • Stream movies instantly on many devices without need for an attached disc player.

Getting started

To get started you’ll need accounts with VUDU and UltraViolet; a computer with a DVD-ROM and VUDU In Home Disc to Digital (currently in beta); a 10mbps internet connection; and, for course, a credit card.

Converting movies

To convert a movie in seconds from home simply grab a disc from your video collection, feed it into a DVD-ROM and use the Disc To Digital feature of VUDU To Go app to pay for the conversion. The entire process takes only seconds, and the movie will be instantly available to stream once complete.

VUDU to go application winow
VUDU To Go running on Windows showing Donnie Darko purchase confirmation.

While not all movies can be converted, the amount of supported movies has been growing.

Watching movies

View movies added to the UltraViolet cloud using any compatible device or application; such as VUDU on a Smart TV, set-top box or game console, or from other UV supporting applications and devices. For more information, checkout the UltraViolet and VUDU websites.

Movies on the cheap

As the Blu-ray revolution has occurred, the price of DVDs has been driven down significantly. Consider purchasing used DVDs and then converting them with the HDX upgrade. Flea markets are a great place to find used DVDs. And the bargain bins at stores like FYE, Walmart and Best Buy are great places to look as well. According to UltraViolet, to ensure the film can be converted just search and look for the UV icon.

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