11 Hacks to Erupt Some Bitcoin Right Now

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Don't buy Bitcoin, Volcano Boy! Make it spew out with these 11 easy hacks.

Jamie Dimon may believe Bitcoin’s ‘a fraud’ but I know a few CoinSheet enthusiasts who would beg to disagree. If you’re like me you might not be able to afford to buy Bitcoin. And no Bitcoin, no LaMbO… Not to worry though! I’m going to lay down 11 simple hacks to earn free bitcoin without breaking open the piggy bank.

Hacks to earn Bitcoin

  1. Install MinerGate. This one was such a no-brainer I couldn’t believe I wasn’t using it sooner. MinerGate free and super easy to use to mine. Use it to mine the more lucrative alts like DASH and Monero in a matter of minutes using nothing but that glowing rectangle sitting right in front of you.

  2. Refer friends to Coinbase. Many people want to invest in cryptocurrency but simply don’t know how. Coinbase makes it ridiculously easy. Just give them a referral link like this one and both of you can earn $10 of free Bitcoin. Use a branded url shortener to create the link. So far I’ve been having pretty good luck helping individuals this way.

  3. Sell stuff you don’t need. I used to work with a guy at a startup in Chicago who left to go do some crazy blockchain stuff back in 2014. Well that crazy blockchain stuff ended up becoming OpenBazaar, which launched in 2016. Use it to hawk stuff you don’t need. Earn bitcoin in return. Pay no fees. Simple as that.

  4. Write articles on steemit.com. Don’t waste your influence on Medium. Earn coins instead of claps writing on Steemit. Seriously though, why are you still thinking about Medium. Stop that. If you wanted #NotFakeNews you’d read The Guardian anyway.

  5. Use the BTC License. Shameless plug! If you write software adopt a crypto license. Use it to share your bitcoin wallet address within your software like I did after creating fetch-inject. Play your cards right and it may even pay your health insurance.

  6. Build a mining rig. If you’ve got spare parts laying around from an old computer put them to good use! You don’t have to have a beast build to stake your claim. But don’t flip about power consumption like they do on Hacker News—we’ve got a whole Sun above us for chrissake! Just pay mind to efficiency and be sure to mine altcoins.

  7. Joining a mining pool. Mining alone is less profitable than joining a pool like BuriedONE Ethepool. BuriedONE also has their own Discord server you can join to n3rd out about the latest mining hardware with others. BuriedONE also runs some cool promotions from time-to-time and are planning a Kickstarter campaign soon… But wait shouldn’t they be having an ICO instead?? Damn you SEC and your stupid Howey test.

  8. Dating for crypto. This one’s a joke, sorta, but I’m sure there’s already a service—ahh hell, services—out there doing this. And if any of them can make their online dating service even half as good as JapanSocial it could pay to attract women online. But then again there’s always VR Porn.

  9. Mine your blog readers. Here’s one I saw just last night while randomly flipping through news in Bitcoin Ticker. Get ready for this… Mining with a user’s CPU using JavaScript while they visit your website! How’s that for an AdSense killer? Hope you sold your GOOG while it was still overvalued. Check out Toxic Swamp to get started.

  10. Host images with Supload. I learned this trick from Robin, the guy who sold me my first bitcoins—by reverse engineering an image he shared on Facebook before I left entirely. No referral program with Supload. But you won’t need it. They’re already paying you BTC to host your images. How glorious is that!?

  11. Rent unused hard drive space. Turn your untapped hard drive space into cryptos with Storj Share, end-to-end encrypted decentralized cloud storage. Storj was a big part of the reason ICO’s got so hot earlier this year before the SEC had to go and ruin it.

  12. Mine with someone else’s hardware. Okay, that’s eleven! This one you actually have to pay for. I know a guy who is trying it out and last we spoke he was getting 0.05460207 xmr/day—that’s 5x more Monero than I got after a month using MinerGate. Punch in promo code X7MJAQ for a 3% mining discount when you join. Just don’t be a hater.

    Anti-Dimon Genesis Mining Billboard photo
    Genesis Mining billboard featuring you know who… Photo: Teh Internet
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