Emulating IE with VirtualBox

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Looking for a new solution to the old IE compatibility testing conundrum today and chanced across this nifty solution for VirtualBox: http://xdissent.github.com/ievms/.

Update : The IEVMs script now supports IE 10 and 11, and newer versions no longer require a password is entered to boot into the guest OS.

Using cURL and a few simple commands you can download, extract and install Internet Explorer 6-9 VMs in one shot. But you must be patient as the downloads can take a while. Depending on the version of IE installed, VMs range from around 2GB to 5GB or more. The cURL script handles all of the downloading, as shown:

Patience tested as bits of the IE virtual image archive are assimilated.

Once a VM is downloaded and extracted by the script, it is installed in VirtualBox automatically. Start the virtual machine to begin booting into Windows, as shown:

Not quite there yet… Patience young grasshopper.

Once Windows boots, login to the provided user account with the password Password1. Once logged into the user account, install the Guest Additions and then reboot to ensure the VM is working top shape. (Note: Some browsers, like IE6 require additional installation steps. See the ievms script doc for more detailed instructions.) Once finished, you can get reacquainted with an old friend, as shown:

Success. Where do you want to go today?

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