After Dark

Hugo / HTML / JS / Vue / CSS / Bash

After deciding to leave my job back in 2016 I started applying my life-long passion for web development to build sites I felt make a difference in the world – giving up completely on the soul-sucking kind.

Concerned about security and ease of maintenance I decided to start moving away from WordPress in 2013 but struggled to find a suitable publishing workflow.

Then one day I discovered Hugo and decided to kick the tires with After Dark.

after dark homepage

After Dark was originally released under MIT license until I noticed the Bulma theme – already admitted to the Hugo theme site using my work – violating the terms of the MIT license. As a result, I decided to move After Dark to the more permissive WTFPL.

Within its first 24 months After Dark saw more than 80 forks on GitHub before it went self-hosted so I could leave GitHub. In late 2018 Hugo maintainers abruptly pulled After Dark from the theme site and questioned me via email regarding the Wasm I was using to provide support Fabrice Bellard’s BPG image format.

After the theme was restored to the theme site, and about a week later, Hugo lead maintainer Bjørn Erik Pedersen decided to end support self-hosted themes and After Dark was the only theme to get the axe.

As of Q1 2019 After Dark has received over 28K downloads via NPM, one of several possible installation methods available aside from git clone. A Wasm-powered crypto miner add-on has since been added and made available for general public use.