Increase the speed of WordPress 300% or more with one plug-in.

Fetch Inject / PHP / WordPress / Kahlan / Patchwork

hyperdrive logo

Hyperdrive is a WordPress plugin wrapping Fetch Inject library to increase site performance using modern Web standards. Based on initial testing Hyperdrive was shown to reduce perceived latency in WordPress by 200-300%.

High Tea

Self-hosted full-stack Gitea service designed for use with Traefik.

Gitea / Traefik / Docker / Ini

High Tea dashboard
Dashboard view within the High Tea Gitea application.

High Tea is an After Dark extra that pairs Gitea with Traefik enabling you to manage source code online using an intuitive and fast web-based interface:

After Dark

Free and open-source software you can use to create a website, blog or app.

Node / Vue / ES6 / Fuse / Docker / CSS3 / Bash

After 5 years fighting with WordPress on my personal blog I switched to static in 2013. With Jekyll as my static site generator found a lot to love for some time. After 3 years and an increasing number of blog posts, however, I became intimately familiar with Jekyll’s speed and scaling issues.

Dissatisfied with my personal publishing cadence, and after some considerable product analysis in the SSG space, I eventually discovered Hugo. Before committing entirely I ran a multi-year experiment to mitigate any surprises before finally deciding to entirely jump ship for Hugo. After Dark was the result.

Lumpen Radio

React Native iOS app for WLPN-LP 105.5 Chicago.

React / Flux / Babel / Webpack / Firebase

iOS app built using React Native in 2015. One of the first RN apps in the App Store. Selected for the React Native Showcase. Includes full slide deck and O'Reilly webcast covering app construction.

Toxic Swamp

Monetize attention to earn a passive, borderless income on your website.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Wasm

Toxic Swamp is a crypto miner add-on for After Dark providing an interactive toolbar UI enabling content creators a means of monetizing their creative work.

Fetch Inject

A fetching async loader and DOM injection sequencer for performance-minded webapps.


Fetch Inject was conceptualized and developed for After Dark to make it possible to deep link to full-sized Image Gallery images without blocking page load while working on the Hall of Mirrors add-on module.

Jekyll Money

A Jekyll plugin for dealing with money. Because we all have to at some point.

BigDecimal / Money / Jekyll / Bundler

While trying to calulate discount promotion costs for Lovarindo Rentals I ran into friction calculating promotions in Jekyll. It wasn’t Jekyll’s fault, per se, though it was a shortcoming in Liquid and had to be fixed.

Brunch with Panache

A modular approach to building web apps with Brunch.

I created Brunch with Panache while working at a Chicago-based startup called Trunk Club and based on my experiences scaling up an interactive e-commerce Web front-end for