Find out What are hackers? a term frequently associated with those who dominate new digital technologies, in order to go beyond many other professions and create something superior with which to stand out; Whether it is to create a worldwide recognized popularity or simply to appropriate something that they want to obtain at all costs; Do not miss it.

What is a hacker?

It is a name used to designate people with a large amount of technological and digital knowledge; that make use of their abilities and skills for both positive and negative purposes on the rest of the users of the internet platforms.

Although a hacker, he has the ability to enter digital systems thanks to his computer knowledge and take advantage of their weak points to control them at will; It is also true that they can do it positively, to improve their functioning, after modifying their behavior.

In other words, hackers are professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the behavior of all digital systems and platforms that coexist within the internet; whatever its origin or purpose; since it can be a government website, a financial, business or personal institution.

The truth is that these people have the ability to overcome all security barriers to appropriate the information of the creators of these websites, which they handle in accordance with their professional interests.

Some of them simply carry out this activity to find out the level of protection of these systems, detect their vulnerabilities, establish errors, correct them and solve them if necessary; so once they achieve it; they notify the owners of these systems of their achievement, in order to achieve recognition and as a measure for them to improve their security systems.

Hacker classification

As previously mentioned under the name of hackers, there are people with high knowledge about computers, who operate for the benefit of or against the digital systems present on the Internet; Therefore, they have been classified as follows:

• White hat hacker, who works for companies dedicated to the area of ​​computer security; responsible for penetrating the systems to detect failures and expand the coverage of said systems, preventing different types of digital invasions.
• Hat hacker denied, those who are usually identified as crackers and who take advantage of their abilities, knowledge and skills to corrupt and bypass the security systems of all types of computers in the world, managing to crash servers, entering restricted areas and infecting their systems with viruses or other malware.
• Gray hat hacker, those who have the computing capacity to penetrate the security of a system, corrupt it and then request a service payment for its repair; indicating the measures after which it is possible to improve the software used.
• Blue hat hacker, those who carry out cyber attacks on a specific person or company that is of interest to them, just for revenge or to cause a certain annoyance, which satisfies personal ambitions.
• Golden hat hacker, who takes advantage of technology to violate a system, in order to gain prestige and have their exploit recognized, without malicious intent or simply to spread a personal idea or message through the network.
• Hacker Script Kiddies, those who use written programs to access different networks and computers easily and especially when they have no knowledge of computer systems.

As can be seen, there are different types of hackers, although all of them are identified under this name, their objective is different according to the level of interference they manage to cause and the use they make of the information for both positive and negative purposes.

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