Becoming a Digital Nomad in Bali

20 minute read Updated

Everything you need to know to become a Digital Nomad in Bali.

If you live in a western country chances are you’ve become a wage slave like I was before leaving a six-figure job to gain my independence. Or maybe you’ve already started freelancing and want to become a better freelancer. Whatever your reasons, becoming a Digital Nomad in Bali is not as difficult as you may think. But it takes preparation.

In this guide I will share information and resources to help you decide if Bali is right for you, describe various move considerations, explain how to actually make the move and show you what’s necessary to get settled in. I’ve also left a bonus at the end covering some of the things I learned after living here 4 years.

Landing Affiliate Marketing Partners

7 minute read Updated

How to bootstrap a new site and monetize it with affiliate marketing.

In Initial Commit I explain why I created a website called Hack Cabin. And though I’ve been blogging for over 8 years on habd.as I was never serious about monetizing traffic until I learned to Become a Digital Nomad in Bali.

But rather than cramming ads down your throat I chose to keep Hack Cabin ad-free, and focus affiliate marketing instead. Here’s what I learned while landing affiliate marketing partners as I got the website up-and-running.

Becoming a Better Freelancer

8 minute read Published

Avoid making the same mistakes I did when you start freelancing.

Shortly after leaving a six-figure job to gain my independence I found myself scrambling for work. I wasn’t sure who my ideal clients were, and that lead me learn a few hard lessons early on. In this post I will explain the mistakes made and the lessons I learned as a result. I will then share a book I’m reading, and how it can help you avoid my mistakes to become a better freelancer.