Personal Reaction Commerce e-commerce store I created and maintain to help connect Indonesian botanical businesses with the US.

:: Reaction Commerce / GraphQL / MongoDB / Next.js / Docker / Traefik

After finding the cure for my chronic bronchitis I set out to create an e-commerce website helping sell botanicals from Indonesia to the United States. My initial site design was using a headless e-commerce starter I created with a Shopify back-end but I wasn’t satisfied with the speed nor speed.

The Reaction system I use now provides a microservice architecture based around a GraphQL API using MongoDB for persistance.

The storefront, shown below, uses a customized version of the latest Example Storefront stable release and the entire system runs on less than 2GB of RAM.

Textfiles Mirror

Neoclassic port of the well-regarded textfile archive site Now with 57,000+ never-before-seen textfile preview pages.

:: Hugo / Shell / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

The textfiles.bit website is an ambitious port of Jason Scott’s website to After Dark. The dot-bit site includes a number of unique features not available on any existing mirror.