habd.as is the website of Josh Habdas. Started in 2008 it consists primarily of written material covering various topics of personal interest.


Pages on this “Site” are powered by After Dark and managed using Git. Pages are served with end-to-end encryption using edge caches on Amazon CloudFront.

“Content” is stored in a plain-text format called Markdown and transformed into HTML using Blackfriday with the help of a “Generator” called Hugo.

Content “Backups” are stored in a Postgres database on a Vultr virtual private “Server” running Debian using an open-source app called High Tea.

“Source” used to generate Content and create Backups on Server under permissive license and available for public download at git.habd.as.

habd.as “Domain” registered with Instra and DNS managed via Amazon Route 53. Site also available using alternate canonical name habdas.org.


Site incorporates an attention-activated “Miner” running the CryptoNight proof-of-work hashing “Algorithm” as a means of “Viewer” monetization.

Miner uses Wasm to execute Algorithm in a memory safe, sandboxed environment within the “Browser” while Viewer consumes content on Site.

Results of Algorithm are sent to a self-hosted “Proxy” using WebSockets with SSL encryption, stripped of any PII and aggregated for blockchain inclusion.

Miner includes an “Interface” called Toxic Swamp on each Page with Miner present, enabling Viewer to interpret and control Miner via their “Device”.

Interface will attempt to activate Miner when:

Interface will attempt to deactivate Miner when:

Interface designed to preserve Device battery. Devices with Browser not exposing the Battery Status API1 to Interface require Viewer opt-in for Miner activation.

Viewer may activate or deactivate Miner for duration of visit by disengaging it using the “Power Button” located within the Interface. The Miner is disengaged when the Power Button icon is styled with a solid outline as shown here:

Power Button Disengaged (Unfocused)
Power Button Disengaged (Focused)

Miner unloads itself from Browser sandbox automatically anytime Viewer navigates away from Page on Site with Miner present. Unloading behavior is automatic, does not require use of Interface and is controlled by the Browser.


By using Site you acknowledge you are the sole owner of the Device used to connect to Site and hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Site in any matter arising from or in relation to the unauthorized use thereof.

  1. Applies only to Browsers with support for the Battery Status API.