Simple websites with Jekyll and Docker

Looking to create a simple website but don’t want to pay through the nose for hosting? Get started for only five $5 bucks a month.

Learn how to setup simple websites with Jekyll and Docker

Turbocharge Your Octopress Blog

The need for speed is upon us. Out of the box the speed of an Octopress kinda drags. However, there are a number of things you can do to to speed it up without a complete overhaul.

Learn how to turbocharge your Octopress blog

Tame Async JavaScript with ES6

One of the trickier parts of writing JS for the web is working with async code. Control flow abstractions for handling async JS exist but are commonly overlooked in engineering organizations, which can lead JS projects unknowingly into a labyrinth of IIFEs, through the pyramid of doom and directly to callback hell — making code brittle and prone to breakage.

Tame async JavaScript with ES6 using Generators and Promises

Glancing over the Octopress plug-ins list yesterday I noticed something I hadn’t seen before, an Image tag & uploader for S3. Curious to tinker around with it I set-up an account for S3 and integrated it today to decrease my blog header background image size and serve it from the cloud with caching.

Learn how to host images on S3 with Octopress.

A few years back Sauce Labs co-founder Jason Huggins (@hugs) was giving a talk at js.chi(), showing us how to use an Arduino to change the color of an LED based on an input. During the talk Jason suggested those interested in microcontrollers check out Pumping Station: One up on Clybourn. So I got some friends together and we went to PS1, and learned the basics of programming an Arduino. The event was a fun experience and, later that night, netted me a Larson Scanner. Since then I’ve procured a Raspberry PI, and started tinkering with Google Coder. And now it’s time for Tessel.

Learn how to transpile CoffeeScript to JavaScript using Yeoman and Gulp for use with the Tessel microcontroller